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LDS Redefines Home Testing with R-Test
By LDS, Pakistan’s first-ever manufacturing company, this rapid home test reflects LDS’s commitment to quality healthcare. With state-of-the-art technology, it ensures accurate results at home, making it a convenient and reliable diagnostic solution.


The R-Test upholds its commitment to precision, assuring users of dependable and accurate results for confident health monitoring.


Offering an economical option, the R-Test ensures that quality healthcare is accessible to a wider audience, making it an affordable choice for all of us to make our life easy


Redefining accessibility, the R-Test allows individuals to take control of their health from the comfort of home, reducing the barriers.

About Us
Introducing Pakistan’s first-ever locally manufactured extensive range of rapid tests for clinical diagnosis and home testing
The R-test product line offers extensive range of rapid tests for clinical diagnosis and home testing. The clinical performance of all R-test featured products are evaluated against gold standards, International quality standards and, in-house quality checks. Local production of the R-test product line ensures its easy availability, affordability, and accessibility.

DRAP approved

CE Marked

ISO Certified

GMP standards

Best Medical & Healthcare

Pioneering Excellence: LDS Unveils Pakistan's First-Ever Locally Manufactured Rapid Home Test for Superior Healthcare

As the pioneer in Pakistan’s manufacturing industry, this cutting-edge home test epitomizes LDS’s unwavering dedication to superior healthcare. Utilizing advanced technology, precise results in the comfort of your home, establishing itself as a convenient and trustworthy diagnostic solution.

R-test Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test

R-test hCG Self- Rapid Test

R-test Dengue NS 1 Ag Self-Test

R-test 3in1 Flu/Covid/RSV Self- Rapid Test

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Thanks to i-Sugar, I feel more in control of my health. It's not just a glucometer; it's a reliable companion in my journey to better manage my diabetes.

i-Sugar by LDS has truly simplified my diabetes management. Its user-friendly design and accuracy have made monitoring my blood sugar levels easy and effective.

R-Test 3in1 is a game-changer. Quick, accurate results for Flu, Covid, and RSV at home—reliable peace of mind in minutes.

The R-Test hCG Rapid Test is just amazing. Simple to use, quick results—made confirming my pregnancy stress-free and easy.

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