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We welcome you to the i-club, a platform crafted exclusively for our customers to unlock a range of advantages. As proud members of the i-club, individuals will gain access to special discounts and exclusive offers on our product lineup, tailored to address prevalent health concerns such as diabetes. However, the i-club is not just about savings; it's an opportunity for active participation in various awareness campaigns dedicated to diseases that require early diagnosis.
In our commitment to health, our product range includes innovative solutions for critical conditions. From i-Sugar, aiding in diabetes management, to a convenient self-kit capable of detecting three viruses, including COVID-19, we prioritize early diagnosis and prevention. This self-kit empowers individuals to perform diagnostic tests at home, addressing the pressing need for accessible solutions in the current global health landscape. As i-club members, you not only benefit from these advanced diagnostic solutions but also have the chance to collaborate with us in creating and promoting awareness programs. Together, we can make a meaningful impact by fostering a community dedicated to spreading awareness and supporting early diagnosis initiatives for diseases that demand our collective attention.